Puppeteer is the ninth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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Zedd goes undercover in enemy territory in an attempt to outsmart Darken Rahl and retrieve the third and final Box of Orden.

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As Darken Rahl plans to obtain the third and final Box of Orden from Queen Milena of Tamarang, Zedd poses as a puppeteer at her daughter Princess Violet's birthday party while Richard and Kahlan attempt to delay Rahl's emissary from reaching Tamarang. Zedd befriends Rachel, a ten-year-old girl enslaved as Princess Violet's playmate. With her help, Zedd steals the third Box of Orden and replaces it with a look-alike. Meanwhile, Richard and Kahlan intercept a small party of Rahl's soldiers and discover that Rahl is travelling to Tamarang himself to retrieve the box. Rachel helps Zedd smuggle the box out of Tamarang with the assistance of a cook named Martha, and takes it to Richard and Kahlan. Rahl realizes that the box is a fake but fails to capture Zedd; he kills Queen Milena as a result. After Zedd rejoins Richard and Kahlan, Rachel is taken in by Martha who is also given the legendary pink saphire of Tremontana by Zedd.

Note: The Pink Saphire of Tremontana is mentioned in the opening of the episode by Kahlan, who explains that Queen Melena is not one of the most beloved ruler in the Midlands because of her selfish cruelty. Kahlan tells a brief story of when Queen Milena was once Princess Melena, and put in control of her father's armed forces. The young Princess attacked the nearby kingdom of Tremontana, and thousands were slaughtered in the bloody battle, all so the young girl could have a pink saphire the size of a large pumpkin seed. The Pink Saphire sits in the treasure-room of Tamarang, and Zedd steals it along with the box of Orden while posing as the puppeteer.

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