Quassin doe was an antidote for the poison of bandu leaves, which were used in the ten step arrows used by the Mud People. Because of this, the Mud People valued quassin doe very highly. When Kahlan arrived in Galea after the Imperial Order attack, she and Chandalen found some quassin doe in an herbalist's shop. Since the owners of the shop had been killed, Kahlan encouraged Chandalen to take the quassin doe. Although Chandalen initially refused to take something so valuable, Kahlan insisted that he should carry it. Later, Chandalen used the quassin doe to save Kahlan's life after she was injured in an attack on the Imperial Order. Chandalen had been carrying the quassin doe as a tribute to the Mud People's ancestors, whose warriors always ate the antidote before going into battle. This would protect them if they happened to be hit by a ten step arrow.

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