"Reckoning" is the twenty-second episode and the first season finale of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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Richard puts together the three Boxes of Orden, while Kahlan confesses him. However, Rahl's Mord'Siths find them just as this happens. In the middle of the confession, the sisters of the Agiel show up with Rahl and Cara uses her Agiel on Richard in an attempt to stop him and Kahlan. A Mord'Sith uses her power and kills Zedd with his own wizard's fire by reflecting it back at him. This combination of the powers of Orden, Confessor, and Agiel results in a magical explosion that sends Richard and Cara 58 years into the future, and Kahlan is taken prisoner by Rahl. Rahl's men capture and imprison Shota, and Kahlan is thrown in the dungeon for refusing to marry Rahl. Shota calculates where (when) Richard is and after she tells Kahlan that Richard is alive and must return replicating the magical combination of Orden, Confessor and Agiel, she decides to conceive a child with Rahl and a Confessor able to outlive her. Kahlan, instead of conceiving a girl, ends up giving birth to a son and male Confessor, Nicholas, who grows into a merciless tyrant. In the future, Richard joins forces with Cara to destroy Kahlan's son Nicholas after Cara discovers Nicholas killed off all the Mord-Sith. They meet up with the Shota (58 years older), who tells Richard about the magical combination required to travel back in time. Nicholas fails to deter Cara and Richard from returning to the present moment before Zedd died, where they save Kahlan and Zedd. Rahl destroys the Boxes with the Sword of Truth and gets burned to death from the flames that leap from them, fulfilling the prophecy.

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Darken Rahl and his Mord'Sith find Richard and Kahlan just as they are preparing to unleash the power of Orden, which would destroy the sinister tyrant once and for all. The resulting explosion of power consumes the Seeker, leaving Kahlan in the clutches of Rahl.

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Kahlan and Richard are separated when the magic of an agiel, Confessor, and the boxes of Orden causes Richard to be transported many years into the future. Kahlan is very upset at first but later learns, with information from Shota, that Richard has not died and is only in the future. From Shota, Kahlan learns that the only way that he can come back to her time is by experiencing a mix of such magic again. To meet this end, she agrees to become Darken Rahl's bride. She wants to give birth to a Confessor that Richard can hopefully find in the future and get home. To help, she instructs her most trusted maid to protect the baby once it is born and run away. The maid has to live and find Richard in the future in order to help him return back to the past. However, Rahl, most likely using magic, causes Kahlan to give birth to a male Confessor. Meanwhile, Richard is in the future with Cara, a MordSith, and finds that there is a new king and Darken Rahl has been defeated. The new king is a powerful male Confessor, the son of Kahlan and Rahl, that has become a cruel and bloodthirsty tyrant. All people in the lands have to be confessed by him in order to survive. When the village people that Richard meets tell him about Queen Kahlan and how she died a long time ago, Richard is deeply hurt. Upon proving to Cara that the two truly are in the future, Richard convinces her to join forces, in a hope to defeat the new king. They set off for the Peoples Palace. However, instead of Rahl, they find the greatly aged Shota, and with her help, Richard manages to trick the new Master Rahl info confessing him while under the power of Orden. With Cara's Agiel, the three forces are once again combined, sending Richard back into the past. Taken back to moments before Richard is sent to the future, Cara removes her Agiel and turns on her sisters, saving Richard. Darken Rahl, infuriated, takes the Sword of Truth, and attempts to impale the Boxes of Orden in a last ditch attempt to stop Richard. However, the boxes unleash a massive burst of energy, charring Rahl in mystical green flames. The Seeker had finally fulfilled his destiny. In the end, there is a heartwarming scene between Richard, Kahlan, and Zeddicus when they realize that Rahl has been defeated and their mission has been completed. Yet, as one evil is defeated, countless others may arrive to fill the void. Kahlan and Richard look at each other contently with the sunset in the background and smile, ready for the journeys ahead of them, joined by Zedd.

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