Until his death at the hands of the Imperial Order, Reibisch was the highest ranking general of the D'Haran Army.  While Reibisch was originally less than convinced of Richard Rahl's competence, nor that Cara, Raina, Hally, and Berdine were real Mord-Sith (until he met Hally's Agiel), he eventually swore loyalty. After Reibisch's death at the hands of a gifted servant of the Imperial Order, Benjamin Meiffert succeeded him as general.

Personality and traits Edit

Reibisch was a big, barrel-chested man. He had a long, rust-colored beard and small green eyes. Reibisch was a loyal D'Haran soldier who had a strong belief in the Lord Rahl's role as "the magic against magic". He also believed strongly in the D'Haran army's role as "the steel against steel".

Appearances Edit

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