Renn is a young boy and a true Listener.

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Early life Edit

Renn was born near the Obergon Woods as the first Listener to live in the last seven hundred years. Because of his wicked father, Renn was sold to many people who wanted to use his talents for their own reasons, while Renn believed he had been taken from his father against his father's will.

Second D'Haran War Edit

Renn was sold to the D'Haran Army's Dragon Corp led by Ashgar in order to be delivered to Darken Rahl and be used in Rahl's plans. However, he was rescued by Kahlan Amnell and Richard Cypher. Renn, however, didn't want to go along with Richard and Kahlan at first, but as time went on, he grew attached to them. While travelling, Renn's father came and took him after having his mind read by his son.

Renn ended up back with the Dragon Corp, where he met Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander. Listening to Zedd's mind and hearing his plan, Renn took action, deceiving and turning his captors against each other. Richard, Kahlan and Zedd fought the Dragon Corps and acquired victory. Renn was later taken to the safety of Thandore, where Sisters of Light would protect him while teaching him to use his abilities.

Tear in the Veil Edit

During the time when the veil of the underworld started tearing apart and the Keeper of the Underworld waged war on the living, Renn was visited by Zedd at Thandore. Zedd planned on taking Renn with him in order to help Richard in his quest to finding the Stone of Tears. The Sisters of Light tried to attack Zedd because of their belief in the prophecy which foretold a Rahl would give the Stone to the Keeper, however, Zedd attacked them first and left with Renn to his mission.

While travelling towards the Seeker, Renn and Zedd encounter a Mord-Sith sent by Darken Rahl in order to stop them. Zedd, being unable to use magic in fear of it being reflected back at him, thinks of a plan to defeat the Mord-Sith. Renn, using his ability as a Listener, reads Zedd's thoughts. Renn scoops up some dirt and throws it at the Mord-Sith's eyes, giving Zedd an opening which he uses to attack the Mord-Sith in the head with a long stick, leaving her unconscious.

Some time later, Renn and Zedd arrive to meet Richard and a dying Darken Rahl. Darken Rahl, being the only one with the knowledge of how to use the Stone of Tears in order to close the veil, is healed by Zedd with the purpose of not letting that knowledge reach the Keeper. Once Darken Rahl is healed, Renn reads his mind and announce to Richard that on the summer solstice, the Seeker must take the Stone of Tears to the Pillars of Creation and have the light of the sun pass through the Stone, repairing the tear in the veil. Renn is then taken to live with Kahlan's sister, Dennee.

Powers & abilities Edit

Listener: Renn is the first True Listener in 700 years. Being a Listener, Renn has the ability to read a person's mind when he looks into their eyes. He can search his victim's head and be able to tell not only knowledge the person knows but also the emotions he or she has toward people, objects or situations.[1] However, Renn's power is limited to a victim's thoughts when the victim is not entirely sure on a matter, such as having confused or mixed feelings.[2]

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