Revenant is the thirteenth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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A journey to the crypt of an ancient Seeker named Kieran puts Richard and Kahlan in grave danger.

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Zedd plans to hide the third Box of Orden in the tomb of a past Seeker named Kieran. After fulfilling his destiny, legend says that Kieran had died along with his Confessor, Viviane, with whom he shared a deep bond. Inside the tomb, Zedd, Richard and Kahlan discover that Kieran's remains are not in his sarcophagus. After following Viviane's spirit, they find Kieran's remains, upon which a spell has been placed, prohibiting his soul from going to the underworld. Zedd undoes the spell, but Kieran's spirit possesses Richard, and expels Zedd from the room. Kieran, in Richard's body, uses Kahlan as a vessel for Viviane. Zedd, meanwhile, meets Kieren's former wizard, Amfortas, who has possessed a dead man's body. Amfortas explains that Kieran and Vivian had fallen in love, and consummated their love. Viviane's power is released and Kieran is Confessed as a result. With Kieran Confessed, he loses all interest in his mission as the Seeker. So Viviane then committed suicide in order to release him from her power. Her death, however, drove Kieran mad, turning him into a violent killer. Amfortas then beheaded Kieran with the Sword of Truth, and bound his soul so that he could not hurt people in the underworld. Zedd and Amfortas work together to re-open the door, at which time Zedd threatens to kill Kahlan's body if Kieran will not go to the underworld. Kieran agrees, and both spirits depart. Zedd decides that the tomb is not a safe place to hide the Box of Orden, and that he will take it somewhere secretly by himself.

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revenant - one that returns after death or a long absence