Wizard's First Rule Edit

The Seeker who commands the wind against the heir of D'Hara.

Stone of Tears Edit

A poem song by wizards:

The Screelings are loose and the Keeper may win.
His assassins have come to rip off your skin.
Golden eyes will see you if you try to run.
The screelings will get you and laugh like it's fun.
Walk away slow or they'll tear you apart,
and laugh all day long as they rip out your heart.
Golden eyes will see you if you try to stand still.
The screelings will get you, for the Keeper they kill.
Hack 'em up, chop 'em up, cut 'em to bits,
or else they will get you while laughing in fits.
If the screelings don't get you the Keeper will try,
to reach out and touch you, your skin he will fry.
Your mind he will flail, your soul he will take.
You'll sleep with the dead, for life you'll forsake.
You'll die with the Keeper till the end of time.
He hates that you live, your life is the crime.
The screelings might get you, it says so in text.
If screelings don't get you the Keeper is next,
lest he who's born true can fight for life's bond.
And that one is marked; he's the pebble in the pond.

Of all there were, but a single one born of the magic to bring forth truth will remain alive when the shadow's threat is lifted. Therefore comes the greater darkness of the dead. For there to be a chance at life's bond, this one in white must be offered to her people, to bring their joy and good cheer. - Page 341

By winter's breath, the counted shadows shall bloom. If the heir to D'Hara's vengeance counts the shadows true, his umbra will darken the world. If he counts false, then his life is forfeit. - Page 54

Should the forces of forfeit be loosed, the world will be shadowed yet by darker lust through what has been rent. Salvation's hope, then, will be as slim as the white blade of the one born True. - Page 54

Blood of the Fold Edit

When the Prelate and the Prophet are given to the Light in the sacred rite, the flames will bring to boil a cauldron of guile and give ascension to a false Prelate, who will reign over the death of the Palace of the Prophets. To the north, the one bonded to the blade will abandon it for the silver sliph, for he will breathe her back to life, and she will deliver him into the arms of the wicked.

Temple of the Winds Edit

On the red moon will come the firestorm. The one bonded to the blade will watch as his people die. If he does nothing, then he, and all those he loves will die in its heat, for no blade, forged of steel or conjured of sorcery can, touch this foe. To quench the inferno, he must seek the remedy in the wind. Lightning will find him on that path, for the one in white, his true beloved, will betray him in her blood.

Soul of the Fire Edit

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Faith of the Fallen Edit

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Naked Empire Edit

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Chainfire Edit

They will at first contest him before they plot to heal him. - Page 327

In the year of the cicadas, when the champion of sacrifice and suffering, under the banner of both mankind and the Light finally splits his swarm, thus shall be the sign that prophecy has been awakened and the final and deciding battle is upon us. Be cautioned, for all true forks and their derivatives are tangled in this mantic root. Only one trunk branches from this conjoined primal origin. If fuer grissa ost drauka does not lead this final battle, then the world, already standing at the brink of darkness, will fall under that terrible shadow. - Page 529

Legend of the Seeker Edit

There was also a prophecy foretelling that:

  • A true Seeker of Truth would be born in Brennidon, whose destiny would be to defeat the evil tyrant Darken Rahl. — Prophecy and Dark; fulfilled in Reckoning
    • Panis Rahl learned of a similar prophecy, wherein he would sire another son, with a young woman whose bloodline was as powerful as his own, who would then go on to kill his ruthless firstborn, Darken Rahl. — Marked
    • In a separate prophecy the Sisters of the Light received, the child from Brennidon was prophesied to be a great wizard. — Light
  • "In the time of the tearing of the veil, should the son of Brennidon seek the sacred stone, he will find it, only to deliver it to the enemy of the light." — from the Palace of the Prophets in Dark; fulfilled in Tears
    • "It is written in the Halls of Prophecy that Richard Rahl will fail in his quest to defeat the Keeper. The Prophecy is forked. It can be avoided. But if the World of the Living is to be saved, you must name a new Seeker. Three signs will come before you. First, Richard will deny that which gives him power. Second, he will embrace the one in red. And finally, he will bear the mark of the one who will destroy all of life. And if you do not then do what must be done, the Keeper will win, and the World of the Living will be devoured by the Realm of Death." — Shota in Marked; fulfilled also in Marked
  • "It is written that the Seeker will be betrayed by the one closest to him. You will be betrayed by the one in white." — Shota in Identity; fulfilled in Tears
  • "The descendant of two powerful bloodlines must fight a powerful new force after the Keeper is defeated." — Sister Verna in Dark; it is presumed by the Sisters to be referring to the same one interpreted from the other prophecies: Richard, a descendant of Rahl and Zorander, hence their desire to train and develop his gift.

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