Wizard Ricker was one of the wizards of the Temple Team, who came to regret his actions in the past and hoped to prevent others from making similar mistakes by sending away the Temple of the Winds.

Ricker suspected that Head Prosecutor Lothain was really a hypocrite and tried to enlist the help of the prostitute that offered her services in the Wizard's Keep to depose him, warning her that no matter her loyalties Lothain would eventually turn on her. She, however, refused to speak of her clients.

Eventually Ricker was proven right when Lothain looking to ensure the woman's silence raped her and turned her into the Sliph so she would never speak against him.

When Ricker found out Lothain's actions, he wept on the newly-made Sliph's well promising her to try to stop wizards like Lothain making weapons out of people. He gave her a message for the wizard who showed pity for her: "Ward left in. Ward right out. Guard your heart from stone." These were the instructions to enter safely the Temple of the Winds.