Rikka, you're a genius. I could hug you."
"I prefer to accept your adoration from afar.
―Zedd and Rikka[src]
Rikka was a skilled Mord-Sith. She helped Richard Rahl into the People's Palace and later journeyed to Aydindril so as to better protect him. However the Lord Rahl had recently left and Rikka met with Berdine there. Rikka later met up with the D'Haran Army during the wedding of Warren and Verna. Rikka stayed with the army and when the news of Zedd and Adie's capture reached them, Rikka decided to act. She was one of several parties who covertly rescued Zedd and Adie from the Imperial Order. She then journeyed to the Wizard's Keep with Zedd and helped with its defenses. While there she grow very close to Rachel the two became fast friends.

Biography Edit

Is described as tall, attractive, piercing blue eyes and her long blond hair. One of twelve Mord-Sith who came to Aydindril at the end of Temple of the Winds. She is surprised that a Lord Rahl is in love. Rikka and her sister tried to go after the gifted of the Imperial Order but Jagang kept stopping them, it took Rikka a while to learn a way to kill the gift without the dream walker stopping her (a knife can kill them just as well as magic). Rikka appears in Naked Empire where she helps rescue Zedd from Jagangs camp. After that she follows Zedd back to the Wizard's Keep and help take back the keep. She and Rachel get very close during this time. When Richard comes to the keep with Cara and Nicci she stays loyal to him, like Cara, even wanting to leave with them. She ends up staying at the Keep because they use the Sliph to leave and deliver a message to Zedd from Richard.

Personality and traits Edit

Rikka was a tall, attractive woman. She had hard, piercing blue eyes and her long blond hair was pulled back into a tight braid, a mark of her profession as Mord-Sith. She often wore the red leather of the Mord-Sith, which revealed the exquisite shape of her body. Rikka was never without her Agiel.

Fiercely loyal to the Lord Rahl, Rikka would gladly lay her life down for him. Rikka followed orders given by authorities lower than Lord Rahl, only if they did not interfere with her own personal mandate to protect Richard. When she had an idea in her head, Rikka could not be persuaded otherwise.

Rikka has a photographic memory, able to memorize twists and turns as a 'picture' in her head. This ability helps her show Lord Rahl another way out of the Wizard's Keep when he was previously thought trapped.

Phrases Edit

"What's the matter? Why haven't you eaten?" When Zedd waved a hand as if trying to swish the issue away, she looked over her shoulder at Chase. "Is he sick? I thought he would have scraped the bowl clean by now and licked the smell off the ceiling. Maybe we had better think of a way to make him eat." - taken from Chainfire

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