Sanctuary is the twentieth episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker.

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The Seeker is in a desperate race with the evil Darken Rahl to uncover an ancient manuscript that, if found in time, could reveal how to defeat the ruthless tyrant, once and for all, and save the world from total destruction.

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Upon learning from Shota that there is a duplicate copy of the Book of Counted Shadows, Richard, Kahlan and Zedd set out to find it and travel to the Great Library of Breamont before Darken Rahl gets his hands on it.

The episode begins with Livia, a widow and the Library's librarian, determined to complete her husband's task of deciphering all the riddles to find the Book. It is late at night when James, a painter, comes to give her a painting of her son, Aidan. He informs her that he went to drop it off at her house but her son wasn't there. Worried about Aidan, James and Livia hurry off to look for him, with Livia leaving her work at the library.

One of the librarian's workers, in league with Darken Rahl, informs Darken Rahl about Livia's work. Darken Rahl decides to visit the library himself.

With his mother always at the library, Aidan takes up begging on the street and winds up working for a thug. He runs away from them, scared for his life and decides to hide in James' workshop.

When Richard, Kahlan and Zedd get to the library in search for the Book, they are told that Livia is the only one who could help them but she is away. They decide to visit Livia who suddenly, out of thin air, disappears. Richard is determined to find both mother and son and sets out to do so. He asks around town to see if anyone's seen Aidan and is instructed to go to James' workshop.

Back at the library, D'Haran guards storm in demanding to speak with Livia. When they are told that she is gone, they force Brother Tovas, one of the library workers to lead them to her. He is saved by Zedd and Kahlan and Tovas tells them that Livia's work is in the library. Zedd decides to sneak into the library to retrieve Livia's work while Kahlan and Brother Tovas go back into town to find Richard.

When they meet up in James' workshop, they discover where Aidan and Livia are: in his painting. Having acquired a special magical technique to transport objects into this painting, James decides the only safe place is within his work. When they tell James of their dilemma, he paints the library into the painting. Unfortunately, Zedd's power is useless within the imaginery world and he is soon discovered. When Livia and Aidan see the library in their world, they enter it only to fall into the hands of the D'Haran guards. They force Livia to decipher the clues. Knowing this, Richard has James paint him into the picture. Richard with the help of Zedd defeat the guards and together they search the library to find that the Book was in fact in the library, hidden in a wall.

Darken Rahl soon learns of James' workshop and decides to visit. Kahlan sees that there are D'Haran guards around town and warns James. He paints Kahlan and himself into the picture leaving Brother Tovas to deal with Darken Rahl, who eventually burns the picture after killing Brother Tovas.

Inside the imaginery world of the painting, they realize that James wants to hold them in the world forever so that Livia could get to know him and eventually fall in love with him and give Richard and Kahlan a chance to be together in a world without magic. Kahlan orders James to paint them back out but he refuses.

When Rahl starts to burn the picture, James realizes that they will all die unless he acts. Since James cannot paint all of them with what little time he has, he tells them to head for the library. James gives his life painting the library back into the real world.

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