Scarlet was a Red Dragon. She lived near the mountains by the Azrith Plains, which separated D'Hara and the Midlands. She was described as the most stunningly beautiful creature that Richard had ever seen. She had large yellow eyes.

Biography Edit

Scarlet had been forced to transport Darken Rahl around the New World due to him taking her egg and hiding it from her. She was used to transport Darken Rahl to the Westland where she took him to George Cypher's house where he killed George. She had also taken him to Michael Cypher's house, and once, to Richard Rahl's house. After Darken Rahl's attack on the Mud People, she was called a Red Demon by the survivors amongst the Mud People.

Richard Rahl sought her out a week before the start of winter during Wizard's First Rule, since he needed to travel vast distances in the limited time before the Boxes of Orden were opened. Scarlet initially wanted to eat Richard, but they reached an agreement that he would help her rescue her egg and in return she would then help Richard search for his friends. Richard told Scarlet of the egg's location by the Agaden Reach mountains and also of the gars that surrounded it. Scarlet then had Richard steal the egg for her due to there being more than the eight gars that she would have been able to defeat by herself. Scarlet then helped Richard search for Kahlan, Chase, and Zedd. After finding them, she helped Richard locate his brother Michael and the Westland army. After leaving him to talk to his brother she returned in time to save him from hearthounds and then took him to the People's Palace.

Scarlet returned to the People's Palace once Darken Rahl has been defeated to tell Richard that her egg had hatched into the young Gregory. When asked by Zedd why a Red Dragon would let a man ride her, she told him that she would only allow the Seeker to command her, and that she would take him to the underworld if he commanded her too. She then transported Richard, Kahlan, and Siddin to the Mud People's village.

She calls the Mud People friends since they were friends of Richard. Scarlet then took the Bird Man on a brief flight as thanks for him giving Richard the whistle that called the birds during his rescue of her egg. She then gave Richard one of her teeth that would enable him to call her if he had need of her. This tooth however could be used but once.

Richard later used the tooth to call Scarlet to transport him from the Valley of Perdition, on the border between the Old and New Worlds, to the People's Palace. When approaching the Palace she was hit by yellow lightning cast by Sister Odette, who Richard was able to kill with an arrow fired from Scarlet's back. Scarlet was injured so that she was unable to fly for a month. Her weakness was also caused by laying another egg where she had landed. Richard, who needed to travel to Aydindril in order to rescue Kahlan from the Central Council, ordered the D'Harans to protect her as they would him.

Later, Richard found a huge skeleton that he believed was the skeleton of a dragon. He was unsure if this was Scarlet or not. Later, however, Scarlet's son Gregory revealed that she was still alive, but severely weakened by the contamination of the chimes.

Personality and traits Edit

Scarlet was a very intelligent and confident being. She frequently displayed a sarcastic, biting sense of humour and had absolutely no true fear for her own safety, as demonstrated by her complete (and contemptuous) disregard of the Sword of Truth.

Like all Red Dragons, Scarlet was both extremely powerful (to the point where it was mentioned she was capable of holding her own against Darken Rahl for a time) and extremely willfull.

Although she frequently pointed out her pride in the fear she inspired in others, Scarlet most likely had a stronger connection to humanity than any other Red Dragon, as she was tied to both Richard and to the Mud People.

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