Sebastian was a mapmaker in the Midlands who was skilled in the art of cartogromancy.

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Bounty Edit

He first appears in the episode Bounty as a mapmaker hired by a bounty hunter to create a map that can track Richard, using his shark tooth pendant ground up with the ink. He creates a second map when another bounty hunter comes to his shop, who is captured by Richard and reveals its source. A third bounty hunter also gets a map, after which the first arrives for another one, having lost it to Kahlan. Sebastian says he ran out of ink and can't make another one, making the bounty hunter suspicious as there was enough when he left, learning that more were made. Sebastian manages to deflect him onto the bounty hunter who just left with a map. Then Zedd appears, coercing him into revealing what happened and making a map to track the bounty hunter with the coins he paid ground up in the ink. Zedd warns not to make any more maps tracking Richard before he leaves with it. 

Hunger Edit

Sebastian reappears when Thaddicus Zorander, Zedd's brother, comes into his shop with assorted odds and ends for sale. Only one item spark's Sebastian's interest-shadow water. After some wrangling, they partner on its sale. It turns out that shadow water can reverse the decomposition of banelings, ending the need for them to kill people. They begin selling it at ten gold pieces per bottle. Demand begins to outstrip supply, though, and Sebastian starts to water it down. Thad worries that the cure won't work then, but Sebastian dismisses his concerns. Despite Thad's worry, the cure still appears to work, and Sebastian proposes watering down the potion further to keep selling it. However, the effect of the watered-down cure lasts for much less time, and an angry baneling customer soon arrives. Richard and his companions, having heard of their work, arrive just time to save the pair. Sebastian tries to take off with his profit, but is stopped by Zedd, appalled to see him partnered with his brother Thaddicus. Soon they learn of what has occurred. To find more shadow water, they make a map on Sebastian's magical map-making machine with the last of it mixed into the ink, indicating its source. After the source is destroyed by Darken Rahl to stop it from being used, Sebastian and Thad begin selling soil from where it was instead.

Vengeance Edit

Sebastian is last mentioned when Thaddicus Zorander uses one of his maps to locate Zedd so both of them can take revenge on Panis Rahl for the murder of their father Carracticus.

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He is skilled in cartogromancy.