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Severed Souls is Terry Goodkind's 17th novel, and is the third in a new series about Richard and Kahlan. The book starts off where the previous novel, The Third Kingdom, left off. It is followed by Warheart. Severed Souls was released as a hardcover copy on August 12, 2014.


Wizard's RuleEdit

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There have always been those who hate, and there always will be.

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Here is a list of Characters who appear in Severed Souls:

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Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind

Prequel: The First Confessor
Prequel: Debt of Bones
Book 1: Wizard's First Rule
Book 2: Stone of Tears
Book 3: Blood of the Fold

Book 4: Temple of the Winds
Book 5: Soul of the Fire
Book 6: Faith of the Fallen
Book 7: Pillars of Creation
Book 8: Naked Empire

Book 9: Chainfire
Book 10: Phantom
Book 11: Confessor
Book 12: The Omen Machine
Book 13: The Third Kingdom

Book 14: Severed Souls
Book 15: Warheart
Book 16: Death's Mistress
Book 17: Shroud of Eternity
Sequel: The Law of Nines

Wizard's Rules

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