A shinga was a creature of the Underworld. It was a fearsome beast with powerful hind legs and piercing brown eyes. Steam came from its flared nostrils. Darken Rahl had the power to summon the spirit of a young boy completely devoted to him from the underworld in the form of a Shinga, which would carry him throughout the underworld. The Shinga would come out of the sorcerer's sand in the Garden of Life in the People's Palace of D'Hara, turning as if unscrewing itself from the white sand. It would rear with a wail and float above a bottomless blackness that led into the underworld. Darken Rahl would ride astride its back and hold its neck tight as it would nuzzle its muzzle against the Master's bare chest, buck its head, and then dissolve back into the black void, corkscrewing itself down as it went.

A statue of the creature could be found on the lid of an ancient bowl in the Garden of Life.

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