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Sisters of the Dark attacking.

I've been with some of those women, I know how ruthless they are. They may have to do as Jagang makes them, but they're devoted to the Keeper of the underworld.
Jennsen Rahl[src]

The Sisters of the Dark were a clandestine group of sorceresses, former Sisters of the Light, secretly sworn to serve the Keeper of the Underworld. These Sisters secretly lived among the Sisters of the Light pretending to serve the Creator. In return for their loyalty, the Keeper granted them access to powers otherwise unattainable to them including Subtractive Magic and even immortality. The leader of the Sisters of the Dark was Sister Ulicia, who acted as the director of the fallen Sisters much as the Prelate did the Sisters of the Light. Only Ulicia knew the identities of all the other Sisters of the Dark.

History Edit

The history of the Sisters of the Dark is largely unknown and shrouded in mystery. At some point Prelate Annalina became aware of them but because the mere accusation was considered heresy unless proof was obtained thus Annalina moved quitely to expose them. Ultimately the Prelate would use Richard Rahl to flush them out.

Description Edit

By joining the ranks of the Keepers minions, the Sisters of the Dark were granted greater power beyond their own talents as sorceresses. Most Sisters appeared to have been seduced by the Keeper through his promises of power. Using a device known as quillion, the Sisters would drain a wizard of his gift and then undergo a dark ceremony, involving a namble. While undergoing this, the Sister would hold the wizard's gift within herself and as his essence slipped through the veil to the underworld, she would allow Subtractive essence to seep into her. This gave each Sister, to successfully pass this ceremony, limited use of Subtractive Magic.

Once a Sister had completed this ceremony she could absorb the male Han directly from a quillion, without having to undergo the ceremony once again.

Sisters of the Dark were selfish to the extreme, with little qualms about causing a great deal of horror for the promise of youth, should the Keeper succeed in being freed from the Underworld.

Known Sisters of the Dark Edit

Former Sisters of the Dark Edit

Only three Sisters of the Dark have ever rejected the Keeper.

  • Nicci decided to leave the Sisters all together and join the cause of Richard Rahl.
  • Alessandra was brought back to the Light by Ann.
  • Amelia returned to the Light, only because she was forced to by Emperor Jagang, when tasked with entering the Temple of the Winds.

Abilities and Capabilities Edit

 Additive Magic Edit

  • Every Sister of the Dark is born with Additive Magic. Some of the most powerful Sisters of the Dark were Sisters of the Light who had received extensive training in wielding Additive Magic.
  • With their Additive Magic, they are able to cast fire or hardened air.
  • After absorbing a male's Han, a Sister of the Dark had their Additive Magic augumented to a very high level.

Subtractive Magic Edit

  • Limited use of Subtractive Magic. With it they can make their surroundings vanish into the Underworld.
  • Lightning is use as one of their primary offensive weapons.

Others Edit

  • They often use their Dacra, to instantly kill their targets.
  • With the Quillion they can take the Gift from a Wizard by skinning them alive. The death of a wizard also allows the Keeper to impart the ability to utilize Subtractive magic.
  • When the Sisters linked their magic they basically combined the male and female Han as well as the Additive and Subtractive magics and can potentially rip the very fabric of reality as Ulicia almost did.
  • After going through the ceremony with a namble, they have the use of the male Han.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In the television series Legend of the Seeker, Sisters of the Light and Dark can absorb someone's Han by killing that person with their dacra. They can also absorb Han by performing a ceremony in which a Sister recites a spell with the person they wish to absorb their Han from. The person must be willing in order for the ceremony to work.
  • In Legend of the Seeker it appears that Nicci was the leader of the Sisters of the Dark, rather than Ulicia. Later on, Sisters such as Merissa and Marianna took over.

Appearances Edit

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