The skirmish in Galea was a small, but bloody, battle in 41 ACB that was begun by the Blood of the Fold in an attempt to capture Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell. The Fold's attempts at capturing the Mother Confessor proved successful, though at the cost of over a hundred men.

Background Edit

After the members of the Central Council of the Midlands betrayed the Midlands Alliance in favor of the Imperial Order and sentenced the Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell, who had legally declared war on the Order, to death First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander placed a death spell upon her which caused everybody to believe she had been successfully executed so that she could flee. After this, Kahlan took on the role of the Queen of Galea and it was publicly announced that she was betrothed to the Lord Rahl of D'Hara, Richard Rahl, who had demanded the surrender of the Midlands so as to better combat the Order.

However, after the Lord General of the Blood of the Fold, Tobias Brogan, spoke with the sorceress Valdora, he began to suspect that the Lord Rahl's soon to be wife was in fact the Mother Confessor in hiding. In addition, the Lord General began to receive what appeared to be orders from the Creator in his dreams, that demanded he capture the Mother Confessor and deliver her to the Palace of the Prophets in the Old World. As such, he began to track her, relying on the information given to him by Valdora. Unaware that she was being tracked, the Mother Confessor broke with her Galean escort en route to Ebinissia and travelled with a single soldier and her friend, the powerful sorceress Adie, as her only protection.

The battle Edit

The Fold set upon the small group without warning, however, were surprised by the fight they encountered. Kahlan's bodyguard Orsk, fiercely loyal to her due to having been touched by her Confessor's magic, fought valiantly, killing twenty to thirty troops on his own before being cut down. The force of Adie's magic unleashed was a terror to the Fold, however, even a sorceress as powerful as her was unable to overcome the sheer numbers the Fold threw at her.

Adie and Kahlan together defeated over one hundred soldiers, however, they were ultimately forced to flee; Adie was near to dead with the exhaustion brought on by using so much of her power. Unfortunately, because Adie had used up near to all her magic, she was unable to feel the circle spell placed upon them by Lunetta Brogan, and as such, their attempts at fleeing proved futile. The circle spell forced them to run in circles, until they were eventually confronted by Tobias and Lunetta Brogan. During this encounter, Tobias identified Kahlan as the Mother Confessor, breaking the death spell placed upon her.

While Kahlan and Adie were initially able to escape Tobias and his sister, they were ultimately captured by another sorceress traveling with the Fold. Though Kahlan proceeded to use her power on the sorceress, who was then forced to use her magic to aid her, the sorceress was killed by Lunetta Brogan, before Kahlan and Adie were captured and collared with a pair of Rada'Han which prevented them from using their magic.

Aftermath Edit

Appearances Edit

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