A Skrin is a guardian of the Underworld and in a way, part of the veil itself. Skrin statues could be seen at the entrance to the Temple of the Winds. A Skrin has a solid physical form in the land of the living, but in the Underworld they are only a force. Adie referred to this force in a way that suggests that this force is gravity.

In Stone of Tears, Zedd and Adie were attacked by a Skrin. Zedd thought a skull was of ancient magic, but when he used magic on it is attracted all of the bones in Adie's home. These bones formed a Skrin, that was tracking the bone necklaces Zedd and Adie were wearing. Adie was clawed by it in an attempt to retrieve some precious bones. This gave her a cut that glowed green. They fled to the boundary not realizing that the Skrin was trapping them inside the boundary being formed. Zedd was gave his horse stamina and speed using magic and when they thought all was lost, Zedd threw the necklaces into the boundary. The Skrin followed them into the boundary and disappeared.

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