Sorcerer's sand is sand made from the crystallized bones of older wizards. The proper spells drawn in white sorcerer's sand can invoke The Keeper.

Black sorcerer's sand is the counterpart to white sorcerer's sand, and extremely rare. A single grain of black sorcerer's sand can negate the effects of a spell drawn in white sorcerer's sand. Like white sorcerer's sand, the black version is also the product of the crystallized bones of wizards. Even a tiny amount of black sorcerer's sand is extremely valuable, worth kingdoms.

White and Black sand are created based on the way the wizard gives up his life or makes the Wizard's Life Fire. White Sorcerer's sand tasted bitter, meaning the wizard who cast Wizard's Life Fire did it to save himself. Black Sorcerer's sand on the other hand tasted sweet, meaning the wizard who had given his life in to the fire had done so to save another.