Without Kahlan there was no life, there was only existence. She was his world.

Spirit was a statue carved by Richard Rahl as a gift for his wife, Kahlan Amnell, when she lost the will to recover from grave injuries after losing her strength and independence.

Spirit is approximately two feet tall, and carved from walnut wood. It is described as a woman, marked by clear and lifelike femininity, dressed in robes and standing in a wind. She has her head thrown back, her back arched, and her fisted clenched, as if resisting a force that is trying unsuccessfully to push her down.
Kahlan in Spirit pose

Kahlan in the "Spirit" pose

Zedd reveals that Spirit, while dissimilar to Kahlan in appearance, is actually a carving of the essence of Kahlan's soul.

Spirit was later used as a template for the statue Life standing in the center of Liberty Square in Altur'Rang. This is indicative of Richard's deep sentiment that Kahlan is the reason why he lives.

The statue Spirit may also be an inspiration for the Woman of Mystery, an icon in the world without magic.

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