Stone of Tears chapter one summary and miscellaneous information.

Synopsis Edit

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Chase and Zedd discuss the Boxes of Orden while Rachel notices a Screeling before it attacks the group.

Miscellaneous Edit

Interesting Facts & Notes Edit

  • Rachel has great eyes, as she notices the screeling in the garden before it even attacks. Chase doesn't want to pay attention to her either, but he learned his lesson. She even participates in the battle using the fire stick as a weapon.

Characters Returning Edit

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Creatures Introduced or Mentioned Edit

Settings and Locations Edit

Spells & Magical Items Edit

Memorable lines Edit

  • He laughed. "A bear! In here?" He laughed again. "This is an indoor garden, Rachel. There aren't any bears in an indoor garden. Maybe it was a shadow. The light does odd things in here." - Chase, after Rachel attempts to warn him of the screeling.

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