Stone of Tears chapter eleven summary and miscellaneous information.


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Richard and Kahlan practice shooting targets with bows and arrows together. Richard tests Kahlan's focus by tickling her as she aims. He says she must be able to block out all distractions and shoot under pressure. He teaches her how he magically brings the target closer with his focused mind.

They discuss magic and how Richard came to learn the Book of Counted Shadows. The book had been kept in the First Wizard's Keep in Aydindril. It is a wonder how George Cypher could have retrieved the book when not even other wizards can cross the magical boundary and enter the First Wizard's Keep.

Kahlan tells Richard of her father, Wyborn Amnell, the King of Galea. After Kahlan's mother chose him as her mate, he became confessed to her. He taught Kahlan all he knew of war and military tactics at her mother's request.

They return to archery to ward off Richard's headaches. Kahlan returns Richard's distraction tactic. She teases him with both hands under his shirt and one going below his belt. She gropes him as he releases the bowstring. The arrow is lost.

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