Stone of Tears chapter six summary and miscellaneous information.


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Scarlet returns Richard, Kahlan, and Siddin to the Mud People's village. Weselan and Savidlin are thankful to have their child back. Scarlet gives the Bird Man a ride through the air after learning of his love for all creatures that fly and that it was his whistle that enabled the rescue of her egg. Scarlet pulls a tooth out of her mouth and gives it to Richard. She states that with his gift he can use it once to beckon her to him. He accepts the tooth but does not believe he has the gift.

Chandalen is the only Mud Person not happy to see Richard and Kahlan. He is the nephew of Toffalar who Kahlan had killed in self-defense. Two of Chandalen's men, Prindin and Tossidin invite Richard to go bow hunting in the morning. Savidlin reveals that he has crafted a bow for Richard.

Richard proposes to Kahlan and they agree to be wed there, by the Mud People. He finds the taste of cheese and meat repulsive which is unusual for him. He begins getting painful headaches.

Kahlan explains that as Mother Confessor she is the ruler of the Central Council of the Midlands where she advocates for smaller under represented lands.


"If you don't have the gift, no one does." - Scarlet to Richard

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