Stone of Tears chapter seven summary and miscellaneous information.


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A screeling attacks Kahlan and Richard outside the spirit house. The villagers pepper it with arrows but it just laughs and pulls them out. Richard swings the sword of truth and Kahlan releases her Con Dar blue lightning. Both attacks land on the screeling simultaneously and it shatters to pieces. This is the first Richard learns of the Con Dar.

Shortly after the battle, Richard's headache returns. Nissel gives him medicine to help sleep and some leaves to chew that ease the pain. Kahlan tells Richard what little she knows of screelings. She recites a song she overheard wizards sing as a child:

The screelings are loose and the Keeper may win.
His assassins have come to rip off your skin.
Golden eyes will see you if you try to run.
The screelings will get you and laugh like it's fun.
Walk away slow or they'll tear you apart,
and laugh all day long as they rip out your heart.
Golden eyes will see you if you try to stand still.
The screelings will get, for the Keeper they kill.
Hack 'em up, chop 'em up, cut 'em to bits,
or else they will get you while laughing in fits.
If the screelings don't get you the Keeper will try,
to reach out and touch you, your skin he will fry.
Your mind he will flail, your soul he will take.
You'll sleep with the dead, for life you'll forsake.
You'll die with the Keeper till the end of time.
He hates that you live, your life is the crime.
The screelings might get you, it says so in text.
If screelings don't get you the Keeper is next,
lest he who's born true can fight for life's bond.
And that one is marked; he's the pebble in the pond.


"It is a sickness of his spirit. Not of his blood, not of his balance, not of his air. Spirit." - Nissel to Kahlan regarding the nature of Richard's headaches

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