Stone of Tears chapter eight summary and miscellaneous information.


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Kahlan catches Richard sleeping with his eyes open -- a trait shared among wizards. She finds similarities in the facial structure of Richard and Darken Rahl.

Weselan offers to sew Kahlan's wedding gown of a gorgeous blue fabric she's been saving.

Richard returns from the hunt having demonstrated super-human archery skill. There is anger and confusion because Richard fired an arrow that struck Chandalen. The arrow killed an intruder who was about to attack Chandalen. Richard intended for the arrow to pass through the top of Chandalen's shoulder as it had. Were he to have aimed any higher, it would have passed over the assassin's head.

Tempers cool and Savidlin describes how Chandalen's men fired arrows back at Richard before they knew of the intruder he was actually targeting. Richard shoots one of the approaching arrows with an arrow of his own -- splitting it in two. He snatches the second arrow out of the sky.

Richard describes to Kahlan how he shoots so well. He calls the target closer with his mind. Strangest of all, he somehow made the air thicker to slow the arrow he was able to catch. The painful headaches were completely gone while he was shooting but returned just as he finished. He confesses to Kahlan that he somehow knows that the headaches will kill him if they don't stop.

Three woman claiming to be Sisters of the Light arrive at the Mud People's village seeking Richard.

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