Stone of Tears chapter nine summary and miscellaneous information.


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The three Sisters of the Light are surprised that Richard is a grown man. They expected a young child. They introduce themselves as Sister Verna Sauventreen, Sister Grace Rendall, and Sister Elizabeth Myric.

The sisters get his attention when they mention the headaches he’s been having – noting that they will kill him. Richard is fed up with people saying he has the gift and continues to dismiss the sisters. Kahlan suggests they listen to what they have to say out of desperation and fear that the headaches will if fact kill him. The strength of Richards headaches, having already rendered him unconscious after only a couple days, shocks the sisters. Typically it takes months before headaches grow that strong and the speed at which they get worse is indicative of the magical potential of the person.

The sisters insist that Richard go with them back to the Palace of the Prophets in Tanimura. They are vague about how long he’d need to stay stating, “It takes as long as it takes. You have to stay until it is finished.” Kahlan would not be allowed to visit Richard during this time.

Sister Grace produces a metal ring which, despite appearing unbroken, unlatches and hinges into two half circles. She explains that it is a collar called a Rada’Han and Richard must wear it. He must put the Rada’Han around his neck of his own free will. However, once it is on, it can only be removed by a Sister of the Light. Richard is to be given three opportunities to accept the Rada’Han, once from each Sister. Each opportunity is accompanied with a reason to wear it. Sister Grace offers the first reason -- to control the headaches and allow him to learn to use his gift.

He refuses stating that he’ll never wear a collar again, for anyone. Sister Grace apologizes to the other sisters for her failure. She produces a bizarre knife from her sleeve. It looks to have a pointy rod rather than a blade. She stabs herself in the chest and dies. The remaining two sisters tell Richard that he must bury the body himself. If he does not, he will have terrible nightmares for the rest of his life for which there is no cure. The two sisters leave but will return to offer him his second opportunity to accept the Rada’Han and go with them.

Richard tells Kahlan he’d like to go bury her alone.

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