Stroyza is a small village located in the Fajin Province of D'Hara. The region is also known as the Dark Lands. The name Stroyza comes from the High D'Haran language word for Sentinel.

Geography and government Edit

The village of Stroyza is located on the inside of a mountain. The only way into the village is by a narrow walkway from the forest floor that goes up the face of a cliff to the village entrance. This serves to protect the residents from the many dangers inherent to the Dark Lands.

Among the gifted of Stroyza there is no official leader, but traditionally the gifted defer to the eldest among them. The villagers of Stroyza look to the gifted for guidance, but the village itself had no official leaders. As a village located within the Fajin Province, the village is governed by Hannis Arc from his seat in the citadel in Saavedra. In turn, as part of D’Hara, Fajin Province is ultimately ruled by the Lord Rahl .

History Edit

The village of Stroyza was founded by a sorceress named Naja Moon at the behest of Magda Searus and the Wizard Merritt to be the guardian of the Grace and to stand watch over the North Wall. The gifted of Stroyza used a portal that could only be accessed through the living quarters of the gifted behind a series of shielded doors. The portal was a hole bored into the mountain that pointed directly at the North Wall which was originally called the barrier wall. The portal was spelled so that it would work as a telescope enabling the gifted to inspect the Wall without the need to make the dangerous journey to the Wall. The wizards who cast the spells to imprison the dead and the half-dead behind the North Wall were aware that the duration of the spells was finite. As such, gifted were stationed in Stroyza to keep watch and warn the wizards’ council at the Keep of any breaches to the Wall.

To assist the future generation that would stand witness to the barrier being breached, Naja Moon left a written account of how the dead and half-dead came to be trapped behind the barrier. This account was written in the language of creation, a language which was lost over time to the gifted of Stroyza so that they were no longer able to recognize it as a language.

Within the portal room, along with the account of Naja Moon, Magda Searus and Wizard Merritt left a personal message along with a ring for the Bringer of Death, Richard Rahl. The ring was originally Merritt’s who gave it to Magda Searus to remind her of what she fought for. It was silver and on the top, it was adorned with the symbol of the Grace.