Sword of Truth Online is a Minecraft server which brings Terry Goodkind’s amazing and fantastical world to life in an interactive Role Playing game format.

The server is currently in the first phase in beta testing. Its official website is:


This Minecraft server is set in the time of the Great War, which takes place after the events of "The First Confessor - The Legend of Magda Searus" following Lothain's confession and execution.

Magda's daughter is now Mother Confessor; she is the leader of the new world and the First Chair of the Central Council of the Midlands. With Wizard Norill by her side as her personal protector, they lead the battle against Emperor Sulachan and the horde from the old world.

The Great War is a battle between the old world and the new world over magic. The Old World believes that magic is a curse and should be wiped out (yet they use Magic to meet such ends), and The New World believes Magic is meant to help their fellow man and uses it for the benefit of mankind, protecting all creatures of magic.

In the Old world, Emperor Sulachan uses dark conjuring to control not only the dead but also the half people. These two types of enemies serve as the game's main antagonists. The dead are a dangerous to the extreme-they don’t get tired, don’t get hungry or thirsty, don’t feel pains or pity or fear and have un-imaginable strength. Emperor Sulachan can also create a still-living person who has been stripped of their soul. These are called the half people. They’re cleverer than the dead and will try to rip apart and eat people in a fruitless attempt to obtain their soul.

Emperor Sulachan seeks to destroy the world of life as we know it, purging it of those people with souls. Then only the dead whom he can control and the half people would rule a lifeless world.

The world yet again stands at the brink of darkness.

Players are given the chance to join the fight for life in the struggle against Emperor Sulachan and his forces from the old world.

Player influence Edit

Players are able to help contribute to the rich heritage and design of the world, creating the stories that take place between "The First Confessor" and "Debt of Bones". The server is primarily a Role Playing server with some Adventure / Survival gameplay elements added. Players are encouraged to participate, cooperate and thrive within the minecraft SOT community.

Current progress Edit

The server is still considered to be in its early stages and is looking for avid minecraft players to beta test and help recreate the fantasy world depicted by Terry Goodkind.

This Minecraft server heavy leverages Bukkit and server side plugins. It is built using no client side plugins (players do not need to modify their Minecraft client).

Affiliation Edit

SOT Online is not affiliated with, maintained, authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Terry Goodkind or any of his affiliates. This is an independent, unofficial site by fans of his work.

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