The Blocking of a user or IP address will only happen after a warning is issued in the hopes of preventing malicious behavior and vandalism to the wiki. Blocking a user or IP address prevents that user/contributor from editing on the Sword of Truth Wiki. Blocking is not used to punish a user, rather, it is a tool that is to be used conservatively to prevent damage and irreparable harm to the wiki.

Grounds for Blocking Edit

Inappropriate accounts Edit

  • Disruptive username with offensive or unreadable text or characters.
  • Inappropriate language.
  • Impersonation of other people.
  • Names/IP addresses used by known vandals (sock puppetry).
    • Etc.

Vandalism Edit

  • Inappropriate language.
  • Purposely degrading the quality of an article or another's user page.
  • Disruptive pagemoves and redirects.
  • Uploading inappropriate images/files.
    • Etc.

Edit Wars Edit

  • Does not include the reversion of vandalism.

Etc. Edit

  • Threats that place users in danger.
  • Legal threats.

Unacceptable grounds for blocking Edit

  • Dislike for a user based solely on personality/edit style.
  • Disagreement with an administrator.

Block length benchmarks Edit

  • Please note that the following are only benchmarks. The final decision for each incident is left to the discretion of the blocking administrator.
Grounds for blocking First instance Second instance Third instance Repeated
Inappropriate accounts/usernames Infinite
Vandalism-only accounts
Abusive sockpuppets Infinite if confirmed (I.e. through CheckUser)
The sockpuppeteer shall receive only 1 warning
Vandalism/Spam/Disruption/Excessive reverting/edit wars (IP) (Warning) Up to 24h Up to 1 fortnight 1-3 month(s)
Vandalism/Spam/Disruption/Excessive reverting/edit wars (Registered User) 24h - 1week Up to 1 month Infinite
AOL or similar ISPs 15-30 min. 24-48h Up to 1 week (Range block)
Posting of personal information
Administrators: Please purge the history of those edits should such an incident occur
(Severe Warning) Infinite
Personal attacks which place users in danger
Legal threats
Open proxies 3 months 6 months Administrator's discretion
Others/Special incidents Such incidents, depending on circumstances, reasons, and severity, are left to the discretion of the blocking administrator. Examples may include known vandals and vandalism IP ranges, confirmed by CheckUser.

(table derived from the guidelines found on the Inheritance wiki)