The following is information on how to find the official chat room of the Sword of Truth wiki. The chat is NOT an official Sword of Truth or Terry Goodkind chat room.

Sword of Truth is the reason we can get together and chat, but doesn't have to be the only thing ever talked about in the chat. Conversations about anything and everything be talked about, as long it upsets nobody. But otherwise, there is no limit to what can be the topic of conversation.

Rules for the ChatEdit

1: Don't troll. In other words, don't do things on purpose to make someone mad. Please keep the chat friendly and respectful!
2: Don't ask to become an Op. Op stands for Operator and they help moderate the chat and keep it clean. Only those that we will get to know and trust will be made an Op and they will never know before hand.
3: Chats do not HAVE to be 100% clean. However, not everyone's taste will be the same, so if someone asks for the topic to change, please be respectful and consider doing so.

How to find the chatEdit

The official chat requires an IRC client. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and connects to IRC servers. A good recommendation for the chat is mIRC. [1]

channel name: #sword_of_truth