This page is dedicated to requests for adminship (RfA). If you would like to become an administrator on the Sword of Truth Wiki, please bear in mind that there are several requirements which constitute an eligible user. The requirements are as follows:

Requirements Edit

  1. The user must have a considerable amount of constructive edits. Talk page edits and userspace edits to not count towards this total. A reasonable amount is at the very least, over 100 edits, but may require up to 500+ given the amount of time present on the wiki. In the end, the other admins will decide when a user has sufficient edits to apply for adminship.
  2. The user must be active in the wiki community. There cannot be any significant absences that are not justified. If a user cannot be present to attend the needs of any users that may require help, then he/she most likely is not a good fit for an admin position.
  3. The user must have a good relationship with other users and with the wiki. In other words, there should not be any past quarrels with other users and there should not be any history of vandalism. Any hint of either significantly reduces the chances of becoming an admin. Administrators are meant to administrate. They are admins to help keep the wiki running as smoothly as possible. So how can an admin keep the peace if he/she has had a past of breaking it. Put simply, he/she can't.
  4. The user must have a clear understanding of the role of an administrator. There are many privileges granted to wiki admins, so it is important that any potential admins understand the limits of their privileges and the responsibilities they are held accountable for.
  5. The user should undergo a trial period as a rollback user (although not strictly required). By first working with rollback user rights, a user gets a much better view of the workings of the wiki, and the necessity of administrative positions. With this sampling of administrative responsibility, a user can figure out whether he/she wishes to pursue an actual admin position in the future.
    • To become a rollback user, see the Rollback page for requirements/guidelines. Then, just message any active administrator to ask for the user rights.

Nominations Edit

You can nominate another user that satisfies the requirements listed above, after which he/she will either confirm or deny the nomination, or you can nominate yourself if you have satisfied the requirements and believe yourself to be deserving of an admin position.

To nominate another or yourself, please put the username in a heading like this; == {{User|Specialk6}} == below this point, along with an explanation as to why you think you are deserving of the position.