About rollbacks Edit

Rollbacks are those users who have sufficient experience on the Sword of Truth Wiki to be privileged with a few extra editing tools to help the administrators of the wiki. For example, rollbacks have the ability to revert ("rollback") an edit that is found to be deconstructive or poorly executed.

Privileges Edit

  • Rollbacks can only revert poor or malicious edits, they cannot delete articles as a whole. That power is left to the administrators. If a rollback happens upon a maliciously written article, the next step would be to immediately contact an administrator about the immediate deletion of the page.
  • Rollbacks can also use a multi upload function for files just as Administrators can, this makes editing much more quick and efficient.

Conduct Edit

  • Rollbacks serve the community by protecting the hard work of others and ensuring the the wiki runs smoothly by working alongside the admins and the users.
  • Rollbacks are the moderators of the talk pages and forums alongside the admins. They work towards keeping the conversations appropriate, sophisticated, and on topic.

Becoming a Rollback Edit

To become a rollback, one must be experienced in editing on the wiki and familiar with wiki style. One must also have a good reputation in the wiki community and must not be involved in activity which could be deemed fit for blocking.

At this point in time, to become a rollback, simply request any administrator on the wiki. In time there will be a designated page for "Requests for rollback".