A Spoiler is a piece of information (trivial/key) regarding either the novels and TV series that, when released too early, ruins the potential enjoyment of said media to the fullest extent possible. On the Sword of Truth Wiki, we as a community strive to keep spoilers to a minimum, at least, in the introductions of articles. As a rule of thumb, any potential plot twists or surprises could be spoilers, so keep them absent from the initial introductory piece on articles.

Spoiler policy Edit

On the Sword of Truth Wiki, spoilers are permitted after content has officially been released in at least one country. Even if you have not seen the latest episode or have not read the latest novel, it does not mean the articles will be devoid of articles; so take caution.

  • Typically, spoilers in canon articles should be left for subsections of the page and should not be present in the introductory paragraph of the page.
  • On user blogs, spoilers should never be present, as most or all of the community has the potential to view that content; and there is not usually and warning beforehand as to the nature of the content.