Vandalism is the deliberate use of foul language, bad grammar, and/or malicious editing to degrade the overall quality of the wiki. Vandalism is not tolerated on the Sword of Truth Wiki, and and vandals will be dealt with according to the wiki's warning/blocking policy. Any and all vandals will get a curt warning on their first offense, however, if the offense is severe, a block may be immediately required. After repeated offenses, the vandal will be blocked for a prescribed amount of time.

Procedure Edit

If you spot malicious editing behavior, do not hesitate to send a message to any of the local administrators for further disciplinary action. Only then can the wiki truly run smoothly and efficiently.

Good faith Edit

Do not confuse vandalism with poor and incorrect edits made in good faith. Everyone makes mistakes, so there have some lenience when dealing with what may look to be vandalism. Dig deeper into edit histories, into user histories. There is always a clear distinction between edits made in good faith and vandalism.