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With Cara killed by arrows, Kahlan and Zedd capture Dahlia. Just as Kahlan is about to kill Dahlia, Zedd stops her and suggests using the Spell of Undoing on her. Kahlan is uneasy about using the spell again but acquiesces.

Zedd uses the Spell of Undoing on Dahlia and Zedd appears in a valley. Kahlan and Richard are finishing off a group of banelings and Zedd calls to them asking where Cara is. Kahland and Richard look at each other and for a moment, Zedd is unsure if the Spell worked. But Cara comes over a hill and she is back to her regular ways. It is assumed that Dahlia has gone back to being an ordinary woman just as Cara had in the previous episode.

The group then travel towards the Pillars of Creation. As they travel, a rift opens up in front of them. Richard jumps over the rift as it's opening up but the rest of the group is unable to cross as the rift becomes too wide to jump. Richard says that he'll go on to the Pillars of Creation alone and the rest of the group will find a way around the rift.

While traveling alone, Richard comes to a town where everyone has seemingly been killed. As he explores the town, he hears a noise and follows it to a small boy named Declan. Declan says that his father is dead and that he wants to travel with Richard. Richard says that Declan cannot come with him as he'll slow him down, but Richard gives the boy enough supplies to last until he can return.

Meanwhile, Sister Verna is set upon by another Sister of the Light who she initially believes was sent by the Prelate to assassinate her however this Sister informs Verna this is not the case. Verna is then informed that a new prophecy is given to the Sisters of the Light which states that the Seeker would be led blindly by the Keeper "with the mask of a small boy". It is then revealed that Declan is in fact the Keeper in disguise. Verna moves quickly to contact a group of monks affiliated with the Sisters of the Light and has them spread word to all their brothers by Journey Book in the hopes warning Richard before it is too late.

As Richard continues on, Declan appears again and Richard is forced to carry him onward.

While this is happening, Sister Nicci steals Kahlan's Confessor powers and uses them against her. The confessed Kahlan helps to bring Nicci to the Stone of Tears. A monk carrying Sister Verna's warning for the Seeker finds Kahlan and Nicci, not realizing Nicci intends to stop Richard using Kahlan who is under her power, gives them the message after which Nicci kills him. Nicci quickly has Kahlan gather shards of glass which she sends magically to Richard to blind him. However, Nicci is attacked by Mord-Sith assisting Zedd and Cara under orders from Darken Rahl. The group ambushes the Sorceress and Cara manages to fatally wound Nicci with an arrow from behind, on the verge of death, Nicci instructs Kahlan to get the Stone of Tears from Richard. As Nicci dies, Kahlan succumbs to the Con Dar and confesses the nearby Mord-Sith and instructs them to kill each other. Kahlan's Con Dar does not end after Nicci dies and enraged, she rides to Richard. Zedd and Cara follow but stay out of sight so that she doesn't confess them as well.

Richard and Declan arrive at the Pillars of Creation. Kahlan also arrives but Richard does not know that she is still under the influence of the Con Dar. As Kahlan begins to approach Richard, she is surrounded by more Sisters of the Dark. Declan deceives Richard into believing that Kahlan is in danger even though the Sisters are under orders from Darken Rahl to just stop her from killing Richard. Richard gives Declan the Stone of Tears and instructs him to take it to the Pillars of Creation, unwittingly fulfilling the prophecy where Richard gives the Stone to the "enemy of the light".

While Richard helps to fight off the Sisters of the Dark, Declan returns to the Underworld just as the Sisters of the Dark are dispatched.Richard and Kahlan, after killing all the Sisters together,including Sister Marianna, in a rage, Kahlan attacks and kills Richard for fulfilling the prophecy. When Richard dies, Kahlan is released from the Con Dar and realizes what she's done. She weeps over his body.

Zedd and Cara arrive and Kahlan pleads to Cara to give him the Breath of Life. As Cara does this, a single tear falls down Kahlan's face. It glows brightly and lands on Richard's body. The tear forms a new Stone of Tears. The Breath of Life works and Richard is resurrected.

Richard is still blinded but he and company then travel to the Pillars of Creation and place the new Stone there just as the Summer Solstice sun breaks through the clouds. The light passes through the Stone and seals the rifts. The Keeper, still in the form of Declan, realizes what has happened and screams as the rift closes above him.

Now that all the rifts are sealed all over the world, Zedd heals Richard of his blindness. Richard and Kahlan share a kiss.

Their quest is over.

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This is the final episode of Season 2. In this episode it is first time to show someone who not a Confessor to confess a Confessor that is, Nicci confessing Kahlan. Also the Keeper of the Underworld takes the physical form of a boy named Declan.

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