Walking in Aydindril, visiting the sick and just taking a break, Richard saves Nadine from being killed by an arrow. He chases after and cannot find the attacker. Later that night Tristan attempts to kill Kahlan while she is asleep in her bed. But he was caught in a trap by Richard, Kahlan, Nadine, Drefan, Berdine, and General Kerson. Tristan is then subdued by Berdine. Then they explain the plan on how Richard drew the guard off Kahlan to protect Nadine to catch Tristan. Richard orders for Tristan to be beheaded. Kahlan argues against it. Richard incorrectly blames Tristan for the mutilations who have been committed secretly by Drefan. Tristan claims that his attempt was in fact to save lives. Richard tells his men to take troops along with Tristan's head to demand the surrender of Jara. Kahlan asks to use her power on Tristan, Richard refuses. 

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