Kahlan talks to Drefan about the Plague. 600 died the previous night. Drefan says that the smoke does nothing to help, except to give the people hope. Drefan gives Kahlan insight into his decision to execute Tristan. Drefan says "Someday I hope I have a woman of half your strength." Kahlan then goes to see Nadine in the infirmary. Nadine and Kahlan discuss their fears and feelings of uselessness. Nadine then talks about the feeling of dread and how it’s natural to feel it until they can accept it. Kahlan asks Nadine that if she ended up married to Richard, she would be good to him, and she wouldn’t hurt him in any way. She says that she would do everything in the world to make Richard the happiest man alive. Kahlan thanks her for her honesty but still feels upset. 

General Kerson stops Richard and Kahlan in the hall with a sealed message. He reads the letter and hands it to Kahlan. He asks the messenger how the army to the South is doing. Then Richard hands the letter to General Kerson. The messenger says that the Sisters of the Light have joined up with the army. Richard then hands the letter to Cara. Cara explains military tactics of the fighting. Most agree to keep General Reibisch in the South to keep them safe from the Plague and for military tactics. He is then told that the Plague has spread to the army in the south. Richard then orders that the sick soldiers to be cut into separate camps and isolated. He also tells them to bar and prostitute from the camps. He then takes Cara and Kahlan to go to the Sliph to relieve Berdine.

Berdine then tells Richard that Kolo explains that the Sliph was a whore who never betrayed her clients. She was created out of fear by Wizard Lothaine so that she could reveal their names to them in fighting enemies. Richard then says “Sliph, I’m so sorry that we Wizards did this to you. They had no right. I’m so sorry.” She then replies that she was told by Wizard Ricker to reply to those exact words with “Ward Left In, Ward right Out, Guard your heart from stone.” But she has no idea what it means. Richard is confused.

Berdine then wakes Richard sobbing that Raina is sick. 

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