The Retreat was the name for the palace being created for Jagang in Altur’Rang.

The palace was to be built on a grand scale larger than anything in the known world. The palace walls would be covered in carvings of mankind being punished for its innate evil ways. The carvings were described as grotesque by Richard and others. The palace was to be located in the center of Altur’Rang and a small portion was to extend out over water for docking the Emperor’s leisure craft. The palace would take some years to complete as it would house a throne room, an arena, questioning and torturing chambers for those accused of disloyalty to the Imperial Order, houses for the Brothers of the Fellowship of the Order, a dungeon, and a barracks for at least 700,000 men at one time. The sorcerer, Brother Narev, had imbedded spell forms into decorations around the Palace that would replicate the aging effect of the Palace of the Prophets. Their intent was discovered by Richard and when he tells Nicci about them, she told him that Brother Narev planned to recreate and enhanced age slowing spell similar to the one used at the Palace of Prophets. Brother Narev had strengthened the spell. The spell would allow Brother Narev and Jagang to live near immortal lives inside the palace. All plans were halted when Revolution was started by Richard. Richard’s revolution, which ended in killing many of the Brothers of the Order, took the Palace away from Jagang’s hands. People later destroyed the evil carvings inside the Palace walls. It is assumed that the Palace was destroyed afterward. It was said that the walls of the palace were so large that when they were pulled down a small shockwave could be felt in a 60 foot radius.