The pit was an inescapable prison located in Aydindril. The pit was filled with horrible murderers, rapists, and thieves. The only way out was up a ladder and gate that was prevented from opening from the inside.

History Edit

Queen Cyrilla was thrown in the pit by the order of the Imperial Order and was brutally raped by those in the pit.

Kahlan was later thrown in the pit by the same people. She, however, was able to escape. Her powers were being restricted, but she managed to confess the strongest man before they could rape her. She ordered the man to protect her. Later, Chandalen came to her rescue and helped her out. He got word from a woman who received visions named Jebra.

Marlin was later thrown in the pit by Cara who was controlling him through her Mord-Sith ability. He was interrogated there and later escaped through the mind-control of Emperor Jagang.

Appearances Edit

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