Du vash misht. Du vask misht. Grushdeva du kalt misht

The voices were what the Keeper of the underworld used to try and sway the Pristinely ungifted to aid him in escaping the underworld. Often he would choose those who were close to Richard Rahl, as he was the one that would always thwart the Keeper's attempts, or those with the correct mentality. Only the one that was chosen to be the Keeper's gateway into the world of life heard the language of the underworld. Others would merely be tools to aid the chosen.

Ones who heard the voicesEdit

Drefan Rahl - Proof on page 272 in the book "The Pillars of Creation" '"I don't know. It's exceedingly rare to come across one such as you who is still alive. While it's possible that others exist, and I once heard a rumor that one lived with the healers called the Raug'Moss, I only know of you for certain."'

Oba Rahl

Jennsen Rahl (the Keeper's chosen)

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