• This poor guy. I always felt that he never got the attention he deserved in the book. Of all characters that Richard "fought" against, I was really hoping that he would at least sword-fight with Tobias. I think Terry Goodkind kind of boxed himself up when he had Richard pretty much be unstoppable with the Sword of Truth in a sword fight. I was not happy with how Tobias met his end and every time I reread the Sword of Truth series I often find myself getting annoyed with how his story plays out. 

    It's kind of funny though how Tobias is one of the first characters that realize that Jagang and the Imperial Order are full of crap about what they preach when he arrives at the palace of the prophets.

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    • I see waht you mean, I would have enjoyed it more if Richard had of fought against Tobias rather than Tobias dying the way he did, but I was happy with the way he died because he is one of my least favourite characters and I just wanted him to get what he deserved.

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    • I don't think Brogan is insane.  I think he could have logical reason to believe that the Creator is a baneling.  If the Creator had wanted to, (s)he could have created undying beings to populate the earth.  Instead, he created generation after generation of short-lived things that reproduce another generation of short-lived things.  Each generation dies, after creating another generation of things that will die, ensuring a steady supply of dead for the Keeper to torment.

      Plus, of course, he's the one who created the evil taint of magic.

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    • I did not like the guy.

      I will forgive him his egotistical delusions of the Creator appearing in his dreams and directing him as Jagains Dream Walker abilities were not widely known at that point.

      His hipocrisy, arrogance, ignorance, fanatical approach to people with the gift and anyone who does not agree with his and his kinds way of thinking made me wish Richard had just blasted him with sub-lightning straight of the bat.

      Nobody with those kind of tendencies ever does anything to benefit anyone but themselves, whatever justifications they give.

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    • Brogan was an interesting villain, it was somewhat disapointing he was a one shot bad guy. I don't know about being insane, but there was a maddness beneath the surface in him. Though his use of the gift and declaration of divinity pretty much proved that his life as a baneling hunter wasn't about eliminating magic, more than it was a means to securing his own personal power.

      He was basically a less capable version of Jagang. Both lead military organizations to purge the world of magic, both aren't shy about using magic to do so. So naturally Brogan saw through Jagang's hypocrisies in the book... they're so similar to his own.

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