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    Having read all of the books related to the "Sword of Truth" world, a couple of things are clear is that prior to Richard Rahl's birth, the last "War Wizard" to be born was First Wizard Barracus well over three millenniums ago. We also have read that Joseph Ander had complained about more and more wizards being born without the "Subtractive" side of their wizarding magic.

    Terry Goodkind recently have introduced two wizarding types, "Makers", the even rare type responsible for creating the magic and creatures known in the SOT world. The most well known "Maker" wizard was Merritt, whom was responsible for creating the first confessor, Magda Searus, the "Sword of. Truth", gravity spells and the devotion to The Lord Rahl that protected the mind against the "Dreamwalkers. The next type of wizard is an even more treacherous type being the "Occult" wizard. This type of wizard for what we know are far more powerful than the "Wizards" of this era, being able to control the dead as well as possess the power of the wizards of old.

    Was the action of choking off the subtractive side of magic the reason why less wizards were born without access to that type of magic? But we are also finding out that Terry said that Barracus was the last "War Wizard" but the younger Merritt, whom might not have been a "War Wizard" but we know he is a "Maker" whom has access to "Subtractive" magic or "Richard's ancestor Alric Rahl, whom was mentioned by Prelate Anne as being a "War Wizard". Joseph Ander is described as someone that might have been a "Maker" as well.

    I'm looking for more discussions to this topic.

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