Toffalar was one of the village elders of the Mud People, as well as the uncle of Chandalen.

Biography Edit

Toffalar was the leader amongst the village elders who refused to grant a Gathering for Richard Rahl. Later, when the shadow people summoned by the Night Stone attacked Siddin, and Richard and Kahlan started fighting them to get to Siddin, Toffalar ordered the archers to fire on them for killing what he believed to be the Mud People's ancestors.

The Bird Man countermanded his order, and as such Toffalar instead ran into the fray intending to kill Kahlan with his knife, but she grabbed him by the throat and unleashed her power in him. She then pushed him at the shadow people who killed him with their touch. The body of Toffalar was then ordered buried by the Bird Man without the removal of his head because of him acting with a lack of wisdom.

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