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Prince Fyren has taken rule over Aydindril. A wizard goes to recall Kahlan back in order to perform her duty as the Mother Confessor. The call to return to Aydindril and a desire to stay with Richard results in an magical mishap and causes Kahlan to be torn in two. The compassionate and emotional side of Kahlan stays with Richard and Cara, while the rational and duty bound Mother Confessor travels with Zedd to Aydindril. After realizing that she has lost her powers, the Kahlan that remained with Richard decides that now is their only chance to consummate their love for each other. After righting the wrongs in Aydindril, the Kahlan that traveled with Zedd decides to take a mate to continue the confessor line. This event causes Zedd to conclude that something is wrong with this Kahlan. After their love making, Richard realizes that something is wrong with Kahlan and must reconcile the elements of Kahlan's soul before Zedd is put to death by the rational Kahlan.  Both Kahlans believe that they "could be with child" (pregnant with their respective mates; Fyren and Richard), but Zedd magically scans their two Kahlans and determines that they are not with child. In the end, Zedd reunites the two Kahlans into one again. With everything settled, the group leaves Aydindril to continue their quest.  The restored Kahlan states that she will call for her sister to be the new regent confessor of Aydindril.

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A magical accident appears to rob Kahlan of her powers and Richard soon realizes the situation is even more dire than it first appears.

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  • Toby Leonard Moore as Prince Fyren
  • David Whitney as Alferon
  • Ian Mune as Silas
  • Lachlan Parkinson as Bearded Man
  • Elliot Lawless as Teenage Boy
  • Matt Halliday as Guard
  • Charlie Bleakley as Shaun
  • Jarrod Martin as Baylor


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