Tossidin was one of the Mud People.

Biography Edit

Tossidin grew up with the Mud People. When he was younger, Tossidin and his brother Prindin have always wanted to become great fighters. They asked Chandalen to teach them the ways of fighting and shooting. They did accomplish what they wanted, and Tossidin became one of the Mud People's best fighters. He became one of Chandalen's men. When Richard and Kahlan went back to the Mud People village after defeating Darken Rahl in Wizard's First Rule, Tossidin stood behind Chandalen while he accused Richard and Kahlan of bringing trouble to their people. Kahlan had made sure that Chandalen did not bring trouble to Richard by embarrassing him in front of his people. While Chandalen was still bitter, Tossidin and Prindin went from hostile to friendly. They asked Richard to join them for a hunt to see how good he really was with his bow.They went to the woods and practiced their shooting when Richard was seen to have shot Chandalen purposely. Tossidin shot Richard, but Richard was able to deflect the arrow. The Sisters of the Light; Verna, later took Richard to the Palace of the Prophets, and Kahlan asked Tossidin, Prindin and Chandalen to escort her to Aydindril. Tossidin was a very good escort. He even learned how to speak Kahlan's tongue. He was very helpful in their journey, scouting and making sure Kahlan was safe. He later helped teach the Galean army of boys to fight better. Tossidin was loyal to his cause and to his people unlike Prindin. He was later killed by his brother because he trusted Prindin too much.

Personality and traits Edit

Tossidin was described as friendly, loyal, and trustworthy. He was loyal to his people and to their cause unlike his brother Prindin. He was also a very skilled fighter. His love for his brother led to his abrupt death because he had put too much faith in Prindin.

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