Triana is a Mord-Sith extremely loyal to Darken Rahl. The character is played by Charisma Carpenter.

She was first mentioned in "Reckoning", when Cara who had accidentally traveled to the future, found and recognized her decayed corpse amongst the other Sisters of the Agiel.

Upon returning to the present, when Cara took it upon herself to lead them, Triana challenged her in "Marked". She confronted her in front of the others and was almost drowned by Cara in the bath. She demanded an honorable death for herself, which Cara refused and instead kept her alive to continue serving her, which she did begrudgingly. When the specter of the deceased Darken Rahl appeared to Triana as an agent of the Keeper, she immediately agreed to follow him and do his bidding. With Darken Rahl's blessing, she turned the Sisters against Cara and cast her off, leaving her to the mercy of the screeling or the vengeful townspeople. Under Rahl's orders, she then proceeded to kidnap young girls from a village and had the D'Harans fight against Richard Rahl. In the battle, Triana was ultimately killed by Cara, who then reclaimed the agiel Triana had previously taken from her.

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