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Despite Darken Rahl's claims that he too wanted to use the Stone of Tears to repair the rift in the veil, the compass revealed to Richard that his brother was headed in the opposite direction as the Pillars of Creation.

Darken leads the Sisters of the Dark towards a tear in the veil, and accounces his intention to gift the stone to the Keeper to assure that the tear could never be closed and the Keeper's conquest of the living never thwarted. He asked that they first mark the momentious occasion by offering their prayers to the Keeper. As soon as they finish praying, Cara uses her agiel to kill Sister Nikki, and the Mord-Sith eliminate the rest of the Sisters of the Dark.

Talk quickly turns to how to kill Richard. Cara insists that Richard's feelings for her will cause him to hestitate and allow her to slay him. Although initially resistant, and mindfull of the danger the Mother Confessor poses ot the Mord-Sith, Rahl agrees to this plan. She and her childhood friend lead an attack on the protagonists. Cara destroys the Compass and comes close to killing Richard, until distracted by her companion being confessed. The confessed Mord-Sith apologizes to her new mistress for her lack of knowledge of Rahl's plans, before the confessor's magic results in her death. Cara is disarmed and subdued, but still fiercely loyal to Darken Rahl. They consider confessing Cara too to see if she knew more, but Richard refuses.

Zeddicus deternimed that this loyalty is due to the use of an especially dark and powerful magic. He believes he knows of a way to undo it: The Spell of Undoing. Zed was taught how to use the Spell of Undoing while a youth, but it has not actually been cast for ages, due to its extreme risk. He warns that while it might undo her second breaking, it could also kill or her worse. Richard insists he proceed, and he does so.

In the middle of the spell Zed is suddenly transported ot the People's Palace, where he is expected to hand Richard the ring with which he weds the Mother Confessor. It seems his spell undid not only Cara's most recent Breaking, but prevented her from being taken as a Mord-Sith at all. This means that a yea earlier the Mord-Sith had been unable to find Richard in time to cause him to delay in putting together the Boxes of Orden at the same time as being confessed. Zed's original plan had worked: The Power of Confession and the Power of Orden balanced each other, allowing Richard to remain in control of himself while wielding orden and while being with he woman he loved. Darken Rahl arrived to stop him, but was too late. Rahl, the Mord-Sith, and the one squardon who refused to recognoze Richard as the new Lord Rahl were put under the power of Orden. Darken has become a trusted friend and advisor to the new Lord Rahl, and even officated the wedding. Zed and Richard have Darken seek out Cara, who it turns out was a school teacher and mother of 3 in the village where she was born, and although she was widdowed in the war they agree her life is better this way. After 3 days of marriage, Kahlan Amnell is already pregnant.

(The episode seems to have ignored the revelation by Darken Rahl that he had been a Baneling the whole time he reigned. It seems that either he lied a few episodes ago, or that Richard allowed him to keep killing one soul a day for the keeper.)

It seems all is right with the world, but Zed believes they are still at great risk. The Keeper exists outside of time and space, and so knows that something that changed. enraged by having his victory stolen from him, he would attack with a vengeance. Zed was right. The Keeper speaks to Sister Nikki, ordering her to seek out Richard's Pristinely Ungifted sister. The Sisters of the Dark kidnap Jennson, and drain from her enough blood to make a potion that will make them too pristinely ungifted. One group takes the potion and heads to the People's Palace to steal the Boxes of Orden while the others kill Jennson and wait for Richard, Darken, and the Mord-Sith to fall into their trap. Their plan works except that they underestimated the trechery of Darken Rahl. Darken and the Mord-Sith capture Richard and kill the Sisters of the Dark, but not before finging out where to find the Boxes of Orden. The old Lord Rahl puts the Boxes togetherans uses them to dominate Richard. Meanwhile a soldier who were held to Richard's will tried to kill the mother confessor, but was killed by the first wizzard.

When Zeddicus discovers that Darken Rahl has already used the power or Orden to control Richard, he decides that the world was better off before his spell of Undoing. He and Kahlan head to Cara's village, and find her kissing the man who had briefly served as Seeker in the toher reality, with whom she had been in love before his death. While they are in a wizard's web Cara protests the cruelty of what they are doing, but they decide to proceed anyway. He releases her and begins undoign the Spell of Undoing, but before the spell is complete Lord Rahl arrives and Cara is shot with several arrows. It seems that she is dead and the spell most likely ineffective.

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