blew through the first four books within a few weeks. That was a year and a half ago. Life happened and I am only recently picking them back up again.

I could have picked up where I left off but just couldn’t shake this feeling that I may have forgotten some significant detail. People who read the story as the books were being published were likely accustomed to long breaks between novels. Goodkind is careful to give context and drop refreshers where they may be needed. Is this standard with this type of book series? The only other high fantasy I’ve read are The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire. The latter being the first series I’ll be finishing as it’s published.

Rereading the first four books is a major commitment - especially with so much juicy ‘new’ material waiting to be enjoyed. I looked for chapter summaries to review which is how I found this site. To my dismay, many of the chapters summaries after the first book have not been filled out yet. Plus, I found myself wanting to relive Richard & Kahlan’s first meeting in the Hartland Woods. And so it was decided.

Rereading the first book went quickly. I skimmed through chapters I remembered well and slowed to savor my favorite parts. Now I’m going through Stone of Tears. As I do, I’m writing short chapter summaries for the next person who wants a quick refresher. They could be improved by linking characters and items to their respective wiki pages and expanding beyond simple synopses. Maybe I’ll go back through at some point. Of course, anyone else is welcome to make changes, additions, corrections.