I'm up to book 4 the temple of winds in the sword of truth series. I've listened to Debt of Bones and Law of Nines audio books. I've noticed in almost every book so far there is always a female character that pisses themself.

Rachel, wet herself when she meet the wolf in the first book. Scared kids wet themselves, I guess it happens. Then one of the sisters of the dark wet themselves when they meet Jangang in blood of the fold. Telling them what he could do was terrifying to them, but I just thought it was weird and out of place. I mean it was funny that the sisters were linked and they all felt it; but they have such great control of their han but not their badders it seems. Then another little girl wet herself in blood of the fold when Zedd showed up at the Wizards Keep and rescues the prelate. In Law of Nines, Alex kills a nurse and her body "empties itself" so there is piss and blood all over the floor. At this point I'm noticing a pattern and starting to suspect Terry Goodkind has an obession with females wetting themselves.

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Or if this pattern continues in books 4 and up. It just strikes me as strange and unexpected at times.