In this blog, I will write about good for nothing (but important to me and maybe seeker fans, hopefully) stuff about Sword of Truth or Legend of the Seeker. 

I like Legend of the Seeker.  Well, nobody calls himself "Seeker fanatic" unless he is the one so I do not have to say that out loud.  I also love Sword of Truth, the original books, and are "fanatically" reading them.  Then I love Cara but at the same time there is one more person that I want to see on TV shows.  That is Berdine.  The harrowing ordeal she went through was beyond imagining but the scene when Richard helps her overcome it is one of my favorite scenes along with the scene when he killed and helped his royal male protectors by killing mriswiths.  

Of course many of the most moving scenes are those of Richard and Kahlan, I kind of like the stories about the bonds between RIchard and H'harans.

BY the way, please please please please please vote to get the show restart again!

IMG 1837

Legend of the Seeker and Sword of Truth! And nice palatable red line! These are the "MOST" of my favorite things!  :)