I'm thinking about reading the books but I'm not sure I liked the show some what but I did have some problems with it like the creator being a woman(I felt the show was gender biased) not that I have a thing against women and female dieties but for some reason that felt like a face palm especially with the Keeper being in love with her it made no since to me that his driving motivation would be to reunite with her.

I mean that makes him sound more of a anti hero(granted he did a lot of terrible things) because nobody really emphasized with that and it was never discussed after the first mention. For all they could know he wanted to see her again so he could appologize. The Creator also kind of sounded even more evil than The Keeper in my oppinion I mean she lets all living being suffer in death with the Keeper I mean literally everyone in the underworld was being tortured and I had yet to see someone be protected.

It personally made the Creator look like one of those mothers that just leaves her children with a psycho abusive father because she didn't want to be responsible. Or perhaps where the Keeper dispised life she completely despised death and humans died she washed her hands of them.

Also Daharans being continued villains with few being redeemable I mean I get that they served Rahl but I'd think after he died there would be some or a lot that would happily embrace Richard I mean surely a lot of them were loyal only out of fear.

Now onto Richard I'm not bashing him but in the show he was such a hypocrite as was Khalan. He claimed to be the good guy but in S2 EP1 or 2 he was willing to kill Daharan soldiers so that monk could live and tell them what he knew. Even when the Daharens said "If we didn't do what he said he would have killed us they called him the butcher for a reason."

Richard showed no pity and if I'm not mistaken he came across people doing the same thing and said they did what they had to. Another problem I have is that when reality was altered Cara was living a happy life and Zed took that from her(I was hoping this would be adressed in season 3 and I was hoping for Cara to go ape on him for it.)

I also didn't like how Khalan could just kill her own son without remorse I mean she didn't waste time on it. I mean even Rahl was appauled by the suggestion(so I know he lied when he told Cara he killed their kid and he also wanted a powerful heir saying he didn't want a child that could stand against him contradicts him wanting a confessor for a child).

So are the books better or exactly the same?